by David Shultz and The Skyline

Years ago, my friend Prabir Mehta suggested we get together and help finish each other's half-written songs. Sounded like a good idea, although I didn't really have any. So I sat down to write half a song. It ended up being this whole song, and I ended up liking it quite a lot. I still do. A few years later my good friend and Skyline guitar player, Curtis Patton, asked if I could come play this song for his Granny on her birthday. It was her favorite song. Her actual favorite song. It was quite an honor, and right there in Granny's living room, I got a chance to play it for her. Over the years, my band and I have played on the same bill with some of our songwriting heroes. I remember after our opening set at Cat's Cradle in Chapel Hill, Josh Ritter made a point to tell me how much he liked this song. That certainly meant a lot to me. Between the luck of finding a whole song in the search for a half, and the blessings of Granny and Mr. Ritter - this song will always be a special one for me.

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This song is on the album Sinner's Gold

Skyline: Curtis Patton (guitar), Marcus Shrock (bass), Matt Morton (drums).
Producer and engineer: Kenny Shultz
Lyrics: David Shultz
Music: David Shultz and The Skyline