Crazy Distances

by David Shultz and The Skyline

From the album Rain in to the Sea. This is the last song on the album.  

My dad owns a store in Petersburg, Virginia. He sells everything from hand tools to beef jerky. It's a great shop. I wrote this at a time when I was working there. My main gig was making deliveries up and down the East Coast to a few groups of Irish Travellers. They would find a hotel in a town that suited their needs. l would deliver a horse-trailer full of tools. They would sell them somehow. After a few days or weeks, they were on to the next town. Somewhere in West Virginia, Ohio, Massachusetts, Alabama, Pennsylvania... They are still living this dream, but I am not. I'm in a new one. 

Listen through the end. The last part is the best. It's a rare chance to hear the band stretch out over my simple chords while I keep my mouth shut.

- David


Skyline: Curtis Patton (guitar), Marcus Shrock (bass), Matt Morton (drums).
Producer (and piano): Sam Kassirer
Engineer: Brandon Eggleston
Lyrics: David Shultz
Music: David Shultz and The Skyline